Services for every need

We are delighted to welcome students, families, researchers, and readers looking for a quiet place. A visit to the library is a chance for you to make some discoveries, either by perusing our shelves on your own or by asking our friendly and knowledgeable bilingual staff for suggestions.


Loan services are reserved for our members, who may borrow books and other documents for a period of three weeks. Members holding an Individual membership can borrow 15 items at a time, while those holding a Family or Friends of the Society membership can borrow 20. Access the catalogue.

Members have access to a collection of over 27,000 books on site as well as an e-books and audiobooks collection on OverDrive. Access the OverDrive catalogue.

Special collection consultation

Upon request, members enjoy access to our historical collection for on-site consultation. The documents in this collection are listed in the library’s online catalogue. For further details, please contact the Head of Library and Collections.

Mobile Morrin

With Mobile Morrin, members can pick up and drop off their library books at the Voice of English-speaking Québec (VEQ).

Genealogical Information

Our collection does not feature any genealogical research tools. Our staff members, however, would be delighted to direct you toward useful resources.

Early Publications of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec

Discover the thousands of pages published by the LHSQ, Canada’s first learned society. These documents, published between 1829 and 1924 in the society’s journal, Transactions, are a testimony to the growth of cultural and intellectual activity in our country. These publications include original scientific, historical, and literary articles from the nineteenth century as well as reprints of older historical primary sources found in archives around the world.

English-Language Writing: Past and Present

Quebec City has a rich English-language literary heritage. Consult our bibliography.