Royal William, LHSQ 2008-006

The Morrin Centre possesses a collection of over 750 artifacts that are important to the history of Quebec City’s English-speaking community. The collection, which has grown over the years thanks to donations to the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec from local individuals and families, includes the following: paintings, furniture, natural history artifacts, toys, photographs, memorabilia, and decorative objects, including fine china. These objects reflect not only the history of the Society, but also the activities of individuals from the community and their contributions both locally and nationally.

To explore select items from our collection: LHSQ artifacts


Projects Featuring Artifacts from our Collections

Reading the Objects Around Us

Explore the objects on display in the Victorian Library at the Morrin Centre through the Reading the Objects Around Us project.

This project is made possible thanks to a “Belonging and Identity” grant from: 

In These Spaces

The In These Spaces project explores a diverse set of subjects—science, architecture, artifacts, history, and music—using the Morrin Centre’s spaces as a backdrop. Five short video capsules, available here, present a selection of artifacts from our collections. 


Elites & Orphans

Elites & Orphans explores the diverging experiences of play for elite and poor children amongst Quebec City’s English-speaking population at the turn of the 20th century. This virtual exhibit complements a permanent display in the children’s section of the library at the Morrin Centre.