Intellectual property rights – Images of works of art

The Morrin Centre displays numerous images of works of art on its website, and some of these works are still subject to copyright. Some of these works are still subject to copyright. In order to respect these rights, the Morrin Centre asks users not to reproduce the images published on its site for any purpose other than fair dealing as outlined in the Copyright Act (such as for purposes of research, private study or education). In such cases, the Morrin Centre asks users to indicate the title of the work, the name of the artist and any other collection or rights holder which may be indicated.

It is forbidden to modify images found on the Morrin Centre’s website in any way which might harm the integrity of the work (such as cropping the image, adding elements foreign to the work or modifying its colours).

Under no circumstances should the Morrin Centre be associated with a product, project or business merely through the use of an image published on its site.

The reproduction of images for any use other than fair use as defined in the Copyright Act is strictly forbidden without prior authorization from the Morrin Centre for this purpose. A reproduction request may be submitted to the Morrin Centre.

The Morrin Centre assumes no responsibility for the posting on-line of images of works in its collection in the case of any recourse or claim that a third party may make, particularly with respect to a violation of copyright involving the use of an image in contravention of the law.

Intellectual property rights – Website content

With the exception of the remarks in the preceding section concerning the use of images of works of art, the Morrin Centre grants, without special authorization, use of the content of its site for strictly personal purposes, on condition of indicating that the source of this information is the Morrin Centre.

All documents found on this site, including but not limited to texts, compilations, images, videos, audio and multimedia documents and the logos of the Morrin Centre and its partners, are protected by the Canada Copyright Act and by international agreements. In the absence of notice to the contrary, copyright applies to every document made available on this site.

Any other use or reproduction of the content of this site, in any form whatsoever, including downloading, publication, reproduction on another site, dissemination on the Internet or for public or commercial purposes, is forbidden without prior authorization from the Morrin Centre. To obtain such authorization, you must address your request by e-mail to:

Accuracy of information

The Morrin Centre guarantees the accuracy of information on its site at the precise moment it appears there and not at any later date. The Morrin Centre is in no way responsible for the accuracy of any document, information or other content once it has been altered or modified in any way, after having been downloaded or not. In the case of divergence between an official text and the content of this site, the official text takes precedence.

Personal information

If a user of this site chooses voluntarily to transmit personal information by e-mail or by means of an electronic form, the Morrin Centre will use only the information necessary to respond to that user’s message or to follow-up on his or her request.

In accordance with the Act Respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information, personal information transmitted will in no way be used to create user profiles, nor will it be communicated, copied, exchanged or transmitted to a third party without the user’s consent.

The Morrin Centre may compile statistics with respect to the use of its web site, but in no circumstances can users be personally identified. To this end, the Morrin Centre reserves the right in particular to use cookies in order to carry out the analysis required to evaluate traffic on its site.

Private life

The Morrin Centre makes no guarantee of confidentiality with respect to information exchanged on the Internet.


All documents of any kind found on this site are provided without guarantee, express or implied.

The Morrin Centre can in no way be held responsible for any inconvenience or damages that a user may suffer following use of its web site, the information it contains or the social media on which it is present.

The Morrin Centre cannot be held responsible in any way for a user’s inability to access all or part of its site or the information found on it.

Changes to the terms of use

The Morrin Centre reserves the right to modify the terms of use of its site at any time. We invite you to consult the present section regularly to be informed of any change that may be made to the terms of use of this site.