Mission and vision

Founded in 1824, the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec (LHSQ) is the oldest existing learned society in Canada. Its history is linked to the intellectual development of Quebec and Canada. The LHSQ manages the Morrin Centre, a nationally recognized heritage site and leading English-language cultural centre, located in the heart of Quebec City’s historic Old City. The Centre’s mission is to provide the English- and French-speaking public with rich, engaging programming in the areas of heritage interpretation, education, and the arts.

Building upon our site’s history and key institutions, such as the English-language library, our programming aims to showcase Quebec City’s unique English and French heritage, develop enhanced educational opportunities, and act as a springboard for artistic creativity. The Morrin Centre seeks to bring the city’s linguistic communities together, envisioning our future by better understanding our common past and shared experiences.

Managed by the LHSQ

The Society is managed by a volunteer council composed of 15 people. They are elected by members at the Annual General Meeting. The Council meets on a regular basis to discuss or solve any matters related to the finances, management or by-laws of the Society.

Literary and Historical Society of Québec By-Laws

Literary and Historical Society of Quebec Code of Ethics 

Council members

President Council Members
Gina Farnell Peter Black
Vice President Sarah Blair
Ladd Johnson Jennifer Hobbs-Robert
Treasurer Lilian Nguema-Emane
Neil Williams Grant Regalbuto
Secretary Cheryl Rimmer
Susan Saul
Michael Ross
Honorary Librarian
Donald Fyson Ex-Officio
Members at large Barry Holleman
Jean-David Banville Sovita Chander
Jacob Stone David F. Blair

Write to Council members at info@morrin.org