Restoration Project

The LHSQ is presently restoring the heritage site that will house the Morrin Centre, a cultural portal designed to educate the public about the historic contribution and present-day culture of English-speaking communities in Quebec City.

Originally designed as a gaol by François Baillairgé in 1808, the building was transformed to house the LHSQ and Morrin College by architect Joseph-Ferdinand Peachy.

In 1989, the City of Quebec acquired the building in order to restore this heritage monument. The English-speaking community of Quebec met with mayor Jean-Paul L’Allier and the idea of creating a cultural centre was born. Important restoration of the exterior facade, as well as significant archeological digs, took place in 1992-1993. This work was financed by all three levels of government. Further work led to the creation of the chaussée des Écossais, the Scottish Causeway, at the turn of the millennium, a wonderfully landscaped promenade in front of the building.

In October 2000, the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec took on the management of the cultural centre project. An important amount of work has been invested since then in terms of fundraising and planning for the eventual centre. Staffing has progressed from four employees to over a dozen. Funding for the project is being supplied by all levels of government, several foundations, businesses, and devoted individuals. The City of Quebec has shown its commitment to the Society’s project by turning over the heritage building to us on December 7, 2004 through the signing of a 99-year lease.

The Morrin Centre is one of the major projects now in preparation for the celebrations of Quebec City’s 400th Anniversary in 2008. This new cultural resource developed by the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec is supported by, and dedicated to, the citizens of Québec, its visitors, and the descendants of the many families that have once called this place their home.

Funding for this project is being provided by the Government of Canada, the Government of Quebec, the City of Quebec and various private sources.

Restoration Project Update

Stay up to date on the restoration of our heritage site by consulting the project update below.


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