Morrin Centre Launches Local Youth Leadership Forum

Thanks to the support of Canadian Heritage and the Mouvement Desjardins, the Morrin Centre launched its Youth Leadership Forum We Are One on February 17. Twenty-two students in secondary three and four, from Quebec High School, St. Patrick’s High School, L’École Joseph-François-Perrault, and the Collège François-de-Laval, gathered at the Centre to discuss the issue of poverty. This bilingual, one-day colloquium allowed them and their teachers to connect around this issue, and build a common project that will allow them to take action in their community from now until December 2016.

The Chief Executive Officer of Centraide, Bruno Marchand, met with the students on this occasion. He helped dispel stereotypes, shed light on underlying issues, and raise awareness about the difficulties and challenges that the less fortunate face.

Inspired by this talk, and the activities aiming to motivate and enable the students to take part in concrete actions, the participants formed committees that will be working together on a common objective, i.e. help fight poverty in their region.

For news of developments related to this initiative, follow the students at

About the Morrin Centre

As an English-language cultural centre located in the historical quarter of Quebec City, the Morrin Centre strives to be a leading cultural institution of national standing, providing the Francophone and Anglophone public with rich, engaging programming in the areas of heritage interpretation, education, and the arts. Building upon our Centre’s history and key institutions, our programming aims to provide historical perspective on Quebec City’s unique French-English heritage, develop enhanced educational opportunities for youth, and act as a springboard for artistic creativity.

Jeanne Lebossé-Gautron

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