Student Film Contest Winners announced

The Morrin Centre has announced the winners of its Student Film Contest for March of 2015, made possible in part by the Department of Canadian Heritage.


First-place film: Le$$, 2015 documentary, produced for the Documentary class at the Cegep de l’Outaouais’ Arts and Letters program’s Cinema and Media profile. 

Subject: A glimpse into the life of Leslie Jamieson.

Filmed and produced by Francis Leduc and Sara Ben Saud.

Language: English with French subtitles

Second prize: Petites heures 

A dreamlike, sensory portrait of Montreal during the overnight hours. It’s an investigation into an oft-ignored world, creating meaning through the filming, sound and editing> Petites heures explores these short, magical hours through voices, stories, sounds, profiles and spaces: fleeting, unusual moments during the period between night and day.

Production: Didier Pigeon-Perreault
Video: Florence Carrier
Audio: Gabrielle Tremblay
Editing: TamDan Vu
Sound track: johnny_ripper
(Password: pigeon)

Jeanne Lebossé-Gautron