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Yes, And… – Speed Improv: Thinking on your Feet

On May 10, join Michael Bourguignon in this third general public improv workshop of the Yes, And… project! Come get a masterclass in “Speed Improv” and learn more about Thinking on your Feet.


May 10, 2023
19:00 - 20:00
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In this improvisation series, presented by stage actor and director Michael Bourguignon, you will learn the A-to-Z of performance, how to think on (and off) your feet, and how to support your fellow performers by developing teamwork and trust. Through a variety of warm-up exercises, games, and off-the-cuff scenarios, you will experience the fun (and funny!) world of improvisation in a safe and supportive environment. Bring your smile and sense of spontaneous adventure! No ifs or buts …


Michael Bourguignon is a stage actor and director known for his quick wit and his penchant for pratfalls and other forms of physical comedy. Currently vice-president of the Quebec Art Company, Quebec City’s foremost English-language theatre group, Michael discovered his passion for the stage late in life, but he hit the boards running and hasn’t looked back. Like his lifelong mentor, Bugs Bunny, Michael is a versatile character actor who dabbles in musicals and overdresses for almost every occasion. When not onstage, he is a teacher, communications consultant, voiceover artist, sometime stand-up comedian, and proud father. In all these roles, he always asks himself, “What would Bugs Bunny do?”


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This event is made possible thanks to the support of the Government of Canada.