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Postcards from Quebec – Cultural Fairs – South and Central America


January 28, 2024
13:00 - 15:00
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The fifth event of the Postcards from Quebec series will take place at the Morrin Centre on January 28, from 1 to 3 p.m.. Join us to enjoy music, art, and snacks from South and Central America, as well as a concert and talk by Federico Tarazona! All activities are free.

The Charango and Andean Music

In Peru, there’s a strong tradition related to the musical instrument known as the charango that goes far back in history. It’s a unique tradition making the charango, without a doubt, one of the most characteristic and popular musical instruments of Andean culture.
This concert and talk focuses on musical traditions of the Andes, notably, on the charango, a string instrument most likely originally created according to and inspired by the 17th century Spanish baroque guitar. Federico Tarazona has created his own version of the instrument, named hatun charango (grand charango), a new variant in the instrument family offering more possibilities than the traditional charango when it comes to harmonies and polyphony.

Renowned for his exciting interpretation, extraordinary technique and musical expression, Federico Tarazona is considered one of the world’s finest Andean charango virtuosos, and one of the most important South-American composers of his generation.

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This project is made possible thanks to the support of the Government of Canada and Québecor.