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My Morrin Series: Miracle & Apocalypse


January 25, 2017
19:00 - 22:00
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The My Morrin Series presents Miracle & Apocalypse. It is a two-man play written and directed by, and starring, Emile Beauchemin and Bill Black. It is about a set of non-identical twins who, after years of estrangement, must reunite following the death of their mother. It is a story that incorporates the theme of Yin & Yang in real life; about how twin brothers can be so seemingly opposite and yet so interconnected. Emile Beauchemin plays Xavier, the “yin” twin: the brother who is rational, grounded, and steeped in academia. Bill Black plays Donovan, the “yang” twin: the one who is irrational, head-in-the-clouds, and passionate about people.

A set of twins and two mystical forces of nature collide in a story about family, forgiveness and redemption.