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Building Our Community – Charitable Organizations


March 21, 2024
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Come enjoy our historical talk series Building our Community, where we will take a look at the past, present and, in some cases, future of the English-language community institutions that have contributed to the development of Quebec city. From our past educational institutions to our modern medical institutions and so much more, our community has a lot of history to share! Come one and all to meet our specialists and learn more about how our community evolved and came to be.

Charitable Organizations

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Our guest

Patrick Donovan, Ph.D., will talk about the evolution of charitable organizations catering to the English-speaking population of Quebec City from 1759 to now. His talk will highlight the intricate ethnic and religious dynamics that shaped the sector. From the unexpected support of British authorities for Catholic charitable infrastructure to the emergence of distinct assistance networks for various ethno-religious groups, to a more consolidated structure today, this richly-illustrated talk will reflect how the broader English-speaking community of the city has changed over the years.


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