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Building Our Community – Health and Social Services


March 13, 2024
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Come enjoy our historical talk series Building our Community, where we will take a look at the past, present and, in some cases, future of the English-language community institutions that have contributed to the development of Quebec city. From our past educational institutions to our modern medical institutions and so much more, our community has a lot of history to share! Come one and all to meet our specialists and learn more about how our community evolved and came to be.

Health and Social Services

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Our guests

Richard Walling is the Executive Director of the Jeffery Hale Community Partners, an organization focused on the development of health and social services for the English-speaking minority community in the Quebec City region. He is President of the Jeffery Hale – Saint Brigid’s Advisory Committee. co-Chair of the “L’équipe de recherche en partenariat sur la diversité culturelle et l’immigration dans la région de Québec”, and co-author of ‘The Holland Centre Experience – A Community Development Model for Minorities – I dream’.

Michael Boden was born and raised in Quebec City. Michael graduated from Acadia University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He joined the Foundations’ Office in 2002 and is the Executive Director of The Jeffery Hale Foundation, Citadel Foundation, and St. Brigid’s Home Foundation. Michael, in collaboration with the QAC, wrote and produced a multi-media theatre presentation “The Philanthropist”, the life story of Jeffery Hale.

– and members from the Quebec Art Company


Michael Boden, Richard Walling and a few special guests, will present the historic journey of Jeffery Hale “The Philanthropist “and the evolution of the Jeffery Hale Hospital and partner organizations, from the early 1800’s to today’s reality and beyond. As a true humanitarian, Jeffery Hale’s legacy has and continues to inspire leaders of the community working to ensure its vitality 160 years after his death.


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