Choose from one of 5 guided tours for your classes and school groups.

Discovery tour

Built over 200 years ago to house a prison, the Morrin Centre is now also the home to one of the world’s most beautiful libraries. This National Historic Site is yours to discover.

Life of a convict

A theatrical experience that will put you in the shoes of a convict who was recently interned at the Quebec City Common Gaol. As soon as you arrive, the physician will examine you and explain how he plans to cure you of all the physical and mental ills that some inmates appear to be afflicted with. Then, the prison guard will take you on a tour of death row and the isolation cells, where you might well end up if you don’t follow the rules! Special treats include the sampling of period remedies and various punishments! Duration 45 to 60 minutes (available in French or English).

When Science Writes History

At the science laboratory, discover the science courses taught at Morrin College from 1868 to 1902. Bu putting themselves in the shoes of a 19th century college student, pupils will be given an introduction to the secrets of the electron, which was only just beginning to be explored during this era of great scientific discoveries. They can then build a voltaic pile, extract copper and learn the rudiments of light reflection and fluorescence. Duration 60 minutes (available in French or English).


Come sample traditional teas, a variety of sandwiches, and delicious teatime treats, while boning up on Victorian etiquette and teatime customs in our historic library which boasts a collection of over 26,000 books.

Historic library from cover to cover

Explore the library of the Canada’s oldest learned society and discover some treasures of the past. Duration 30 minutes (available in French or English) Available only following one of our other 3 guided tours.