Volunteer needed to lead Morrin Centre English Discussion Group

The Morrin Centre is looking for a volunteer to lead one of our English Discussion Groups this winter (February to May, 2018). This dynamic, long-standing group has been meeting in the library on a weekly basis on Wednesdays from 1:30 to 3 pm.

The group is looking for a friendly, dedicated volunteer who has had some experience teaching or leading a group. There is no curriculum to follow, but the discussion leader can help people with vocabulary and pronunciation and appropriate expressions.

If you are available on Wednesdays and are bilingual or a native speaker of English, please contact Rosemarie Fischer at 418 694-9147 – extension 221, or write to info@morrin.org.


Last year, the Morrin Centre team successfully completed several projects thanks to the assistance, dedication and know-how of our volunteers. Several new and recurring activities offer volunteers the opportunity to develop their passions and meet members of the community. Come join our team of dynamic volunteers!

Your involvement as a volunteer can vary considerably, ranging from participation in a single, “once-off” event to a recurring task on a specific project. Tasks can include:

Organization of/participation in events: We regularly need assistance for the organization and logistics of cultural activities held at the Centre. Here’s a way for you to put your talents at the service of the Centre’s programs and events.

Library service: We rely on the generosity of volunteers to greet members and visitors at the library and operate the loan service. The library is a relaxing setting that will allow you to acquaint yourself more fully with our impressive collection and share a passion for literature with all our visitors.

Committees: Have you ever thought about taking part in one of the Morrin Centre’s committees? Once you decide to get involved, you’ll discover a world of possibilities. You’ll also significantly expand your networking opportunities and be able to add your personal touch to the Society. It’s a very special way of supporting the Society. Our committees include: the LHSQ Council, the Fundraising Committees and the Book Committee. The contribution of volunteers constitutes the very backbone of the Morrin Centre.

Articles for our quarterly magazine: Would you like to write an article and see it published in the Society Pages? Give us a call!

Educational programs: Those who enjoy working with children and school groups can contribute to preparing and leading activities. It’s a truly gratifying form of involvement.

If you’re interested in getting involved as a volunteer, please print out and fill out our volunteer application form (PDF format) or send us your résumé, including information about your areas of interest and availability. Send us all these documents by regular mail or email, at info@morrin.org, and we will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.