Lumocité: Architectural mapping in Quebec

This week, a series of 3D light shows will be taking over the facades of some of the most recognizable buildings in Old Quebec: The Palais Montcalm, the Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica, the Morrin Centre and the fortifications at the entrance to the Plains of Abraham. The projections are part of Lumocité, the first event of its kind in North America. Our Rachelle Solomon spoke with Alain Dubé about bringing multimedia teams from around the world to Quebec to bring buildings to life – in light and sound – with architectural mapping. Source : Rachelle Solomon, CBC Radio One, Quebec City

ImagiNation 2012

“Participer à l’autre Salon du livre ou au Salon du livre de l’Autre fournit l’occasion non seulement de baisser de régime, mais de découvrir l’Autre sous un angle nouveau et agréable”. Read more of Dean Louder’s review of ImagiNation 2012 on the following Web site: Honorary President, Paul Almond, discussed his series and theImagiNation 2012: Writers’ Festival with Rachelle Solomon on Breakaway: All in a weekend‘s Sonali Karnick interviewed author and Book Madam Julie Wilson: Read about the ImagiNation 2012: Writers’ Festival on the Quebec Chronicle Telegraph‘s website: