Judging books by their covers

This past weekend, the sun shone both on the throngs of people out to enjoy a stroll and on the covers of many a book long consigned to storage. From the depths of the Morrin Centre, hundreds of books emerged. Novels, works of history, biographies, and children’s books were among the many genres on offer at the Morrin Centre Library book sale. Source : Bethann G. Merkle, Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph http://www.qctonline.com/judging-books-their-covers

Ghomeshi: Q is “my love letter to Quebec City”

What does Q stand for?” asked a woman who voiced what everyone else was wondering. Q is the name of his national daily cultural affairs talk program (recorded in Studio Q at the CBC headquarters in Toronto). “Could it be for Quebec City?” she teased. “Well, yes, right, that’s it,” chimed in a charmed Jian Ghomeshi and the room roared with laughter and applause. Source : Marie White, Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph http://www.qctonline.com/ghomeshi-q-my-love-letter-quebec-city

Morrin Centre Book Sale

Looking for a summer read, a book to curl up with on a rainy day or a timeless classic? The Morrin Centre will be hosting a mega sale of English-language second-hand books (softcover donations and duplicates). Come choose from hundreds upon hundreds of books displayed in College Hall. Source : Matt, Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph http://www.qctonline.com/morrin-centre-book-sale

ImagiNation writers share their favourite words

This QCT writer, who loves words and is fascinated by the wonders of our English language, emailed the writers who are preparing to come to the ImagiNation Festival.I asked them the following question: As writers and communicators, words are key to what you do. What is/are your absolutely favourite (most essential, powerful, effective, expressive…) word(s)? Source : Marie White, Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph http://www.qctonline.com/imagination-writers-share-their-favourite-words

ImagiNation 2013 continues to celebrate Canadian talent

Meet authors Jian Ghomeshi, Emma Donoghue, Paul Almond, Deni Y. Béchard, Robert J. Sawyer, Charles Foran, Peter Dubé, Guy Vanderhaeghe, Douglas Gibson, Christine Eddie, Ken Howe and H.Nigel Thomas at the Morrin Centre’s fourth annual writers’ festival. Source : Marie White, Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph http://www.qctonline.com/imagination-2013-continues-celebrate-canadian-talent

Morrin Centre hosts Everyday People

BY GIB MCINNIS GIB@QCTONLINE.COM Dr. Paul Zanazanian, Patrick Donovan, and Dr. Donald Fyson hold up copies of history books, including Louisa Blair’s The Anglos: the hidden face of Québec City, Volumes I and II during the Who Were the Anglos? section of the Everyday People conference at the Morrin Centre. Source : http://www.qctonline.com/morrin-centre-hosts-everyday-people

The Morrin Centre on the Front Page of Le Soleil!

(Québec) Ce sont les yeux brillants et la bouche grande ouverte que les premiers spectateurs de LumoCité ont vu mercredi soir quatre constructions architecturales de la ville prendre vie par un froid mordant. Si tous se sont émerveillés devant le génie des effets 3D réalisés par les équipes venant d’Europe, des États-Unis et du Québec , celles-ci ont cependant dû faire quelques ajustements en cette soirée de première. http://www.lapresse.ca/le-soleil/dossiers/carnaval-de-quebec/201302/06/01-4619180-lumocite-emerveille-et-impressionne.php?utm_categorieinterne=trafficdrivers&utm_contenuinterne=envoyer_cbp